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Diagram 0.1 - Holographic cybertank

Welcome to The Organization of Strategic Intelligence (OSI), the leading developer of military and law enforcement cybernetic applications.
As a qualified cybernetics engineer, you have been assigned to an elite team involved in the critical military contract, OMEGA. This project expands the boundaries of cybernetics technology and development.
Your job is to create the most powerful cybernetic tank (cybertank) possible. You will have access to the most sophisticated computer-aided design tools available. You will design your cybertank’s chassis, including its body class, drive system, fuel capacity, primary weapon and electronic instrumentation. Using the specially designed Cybertank Command language, you will design your cybertank’s artificial intelligence, giving it the ability to track down and destroy an enemy. You will then test your cybertank’s performance on a simulated field of combat against cybertanks designed by Your Peers.
Your entry-level security clearance designation is STANDARD. There are ten Clearance levels within the OMEGA project. Promotions to higher levels are based on the efficiency of your cybertank designs, demonstrated in successful combat simulations (at least a 70% win ratio). You can request a formal clearance evaluation at any time. Your project director will evaluate the design of your choice, and you will be promoted if the design meets with their criteria.
Engineers with STANDARD Clearance are allocated a budget of 1000 credits. Each successive clearance level increases your budget by 1000 credits. Credits are used to purchase components for your cybertank’s chassis. Thus, larger budgets provide access to the components you will need for more sophisticated designs. Employees attaining the highest clearance level will be allotted an unlimited budget, and only their cybertank designs will be considered for military applications.
As a top priority military contract, it is crucial that only the best designers be assigned to OMEGA. You are among the best in your field. Your involvement is expected to ensure that we meet and exceed project goals.
We are proud to have you as a member of our organization.

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