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Omega Resources:

Challenger is a tank designed at the 4000 credit level. It's a tank that uses some of the more advanced techniques out there, but doesn't have that much specialized hardware: it's your basic tank. It's good for beginning players who want to see how their tank compares to another human's.

Crusher is my best tank. It's a very aggressive tank, and as such is really only good at 1-on-1. It is not really designed with the idea of staying alive but in crushing other tanks. That means that in team battles other, weaker tanks very well might win.

Even Crusher is not the most powerful tank available. It's just the most powerful tank I've designed. Check out some of the tanks at the link below for even stronger tanks. The tank I am right now trying to beat is BAZ31. I think I know what I have to do to beat it, but I haven't implemented the changes yet...

Omega Links:

Believe it or not, I'm not the only one out there with an Omega page! Check out these other sites for tanks, battlefields, even a tank disassembler so you can see just how that other tank beat you...

OSI Southeastern Division Someone else's Omega page.
OSI Northeastern Division And another.
OSI British Division Yet another.
Lincoln Yeoh's Omega Page Author of Baz31 (the tank I'm trying to beat).

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