981215 Update

Some things the Omega Manual is wrong about or doesn't tell you.

M5 Turtle is tougher than Bentley. M5 Turtle is tough, slow, amphibious. Challenger is tough, fast, nonamphibious (takes damage in water). Bentley is medium, fast, amphibious.

Firing at scanner/tank direction when close to some edges of the map doesn't work- the shot's trajectory is deflected.

If your scanner lock breaks (either jammed or enemy moves behind obstacle), as long as you don't rescan or use the obstacle detector, you can relock when the same enemy becomes visible. It's probably a bug in the Omega game (there are many more bugs!).

Variation:If you fire the remote scanner and you are not the primary tank, you can lock on your target when the target becomes visible (as long as you do not do detect or scan). So in a 1 on 1 battle, you can launch the remote scanner, sit, and just do a lock every 50 or so cycles, or less often if you're conserving energy and willing to risk getting hit. This is boring of course.

The remote scanner does NOT give you the coordinates of the nearest enemy tank, it seems to give the coordinates of the last enemy tank- e.g. tank number 4 in a 4 tank battle. This sucks- and it's why Banzai isn't as effective.

There are certain "blindspot" positions where the enemy can see and shoot you, but you can't see or shoot the enemy. One example:

2 can see and shoot 1 but not viceversa. There are other similar positions. I have not bothered exploiting this for offense, but you have to be aware that when you are hit and you can't see anyone, you better change your position, if you don't or can't you're dead.

Check out Timothy Massey's Omega page, he's working on beating Baz. I haven't made it easy, but of course it's not impossible. Steve Hassenplug has a specialised tank which beats Baz. I'll put it here once Timothy beats Baz (no point having two tanks beating Baz the same way I figure).

That's all for now..

980315 Update

Robert Wilderspin has got some neat stuff at his site. You can get lots of the old tanks there, plus a few of the winners of the Grand Tourney.
Cool files
His omega site

Also check out Forest L Burn's Omega site

980208 Update

I got a reply from Origin regarding the Omega tank game. Their old games are out of print, but they are hoping to release all of the old Origin games on CD. They plan to have a CD containing the Ultima series, and then a second CD containing Ogre, Auto-Duel, Omega, etc.


Omega by Origin Systems is a really old game no longer played by many. Basically you build a tank, choose the chassis, weapon, engine, accessories, insurance cover (kidding!) and program the AI. Then you pit it against one or more other tanks. You can even have teamtanks which work in teams against other tanks. You start with a limited budget which increases as you get promoted, until finally you reach Omega level where you have unlimited budget. You don't get promoted if you can't beat the game's built in tanks for a particular level. It's basically your program code and tank hardware versus the game designer's tanks.

Yep, that's correct, you have to program the tank in a very basic language. If you hate programming this game is not for you!

Each tank instruction takes a certain amount of time after execution before you can go to the next step. You also have to consider lots of possible situations. For example if you have a nonwaterproof chassis, you have to ensure your tank avoids going into water. Then again, you may decide that in some cases, getting some water damage is better than getting blown up!

Feel free to download my Omega files..
Four tanks are included and a map thrown in for free! All in just a 5K zipfile!

  • baz3.tnk - an aggressive tank.
  • baz4.tnk - a boring tank, yawn.
  • bad.tnk - a downright dirty tank with special armour. Just for fun only.
  • banzai.tnk - a team tank ala baz3
  • cave2.fld - a maze sort of field to test your tank's tracking and navigation.

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