Long ago, before the Nintendo-ites hijacked gaming, before Origin sold out to the graphics over content crowd, there were games like OMEGA. OMEGA, the thinking persons game where how efficiently you coded mattered far more than how fast you can click a mouse and wiggle a joystick. A game where the strategic element of gameplay overcame even the rudimentary graphics of the time, and when you defeated an opponent, it was because you were better at logic, not physical reflexes.

OMEGA is a game where the player designs a cybernetic tank, programming the AI using a basic-like natural english programming language. Once built, tanks are thrown into an arena where the more efficient (and therefor faster) AI code will usually defeat an inefficient design.

Here are a few tank designs by myself and others, available for download. They use a standardized file format so they SHOULD, according to the manual, work on any version of the OMEGA game (PC, Apple, Commodore-64).


Tank Name Type Designer
3hyena.zip Attack Unknown
Assassin.zip Attack Unknown
Banzai.zip Team Lincoln Yeoh
Baz31.zip Attack Lincoln Yeoh
Dethwish.zip Attack Unknown
Tiger.zip Attack Forest Burns
Tiger II.zip Attack Forest Burns
Big.zip Attack Tek-Seng The
Many Tanks Varied Tanks from the OMEGA BBS by Origin
Misc Name Type Designer
Cave.zip Map Lincoln Yeoh
Omega Fields Maps Maps from the Omega BBS by Origin

If you have any tanks available that you would like displayed, please email them to me uncompressed or in PC ZIP Format (no GZIP, SEA or others) and I can post them here (my ISP account space permitting).

I have one program specifically intended for use with OMEGA. The program, called DIStank is written in C and is used to 'reverse engineer' tanks by decompiling the .TNK file and showing the AI in english ... just like in the design module of OMEGA. Some consider this cheating, and such programs were banned from Origin's OMEGA BBS. I personally take no stand ... all's fair in love and war. :) Download and use if your ethics can stand it
* Programs are uncompiled C source code, so I have not tested as I do not have a C-compiler. Anyone interested in compiling and testing will have my gratitude. if you do, please send me a MS-DOS .exe for posting here.
** Program is supposedly a tank disassembler. Like field tools, tank tools and miscellaneous tools, it is uncompiled C source code, so I haven't tested it yet.
*** Player Compiled weapon damage tables, system varable lists, etc.

Here is a short list of other sites that contain OMEGA-related files. If you have an OMEGA page, or know of one, please contact me and I will add it to the list.

This OMEGA site is maintained by -

Forest L. Burns - flburns@atlantic.net

Frequently Asked Questions -

Q: Where can I get Omega for the PC?

A: Omega is unfortunately, out of print and unavailable from Origin Systems.    However, it is available as abandonware (copyrighted games no longer manufactured or sold by their owners).

A: Where can I get Omega for the MAC?

A:Also out of Print, just like the PC version.   At one time, I had a link to an Apple Fan Site with Omega for the Apple II.   Unfortunately, the site is gone.  If you find a copy for MAC, please end me the URL so that I may link to it.

Q: How about a manual?

A: The manual that shipped with Omega was the same for all versions (to my knowledge, the C64 and PC had the same books, just a different installation note card).   See the above link to the PC Version for a copy of the manual


06/29/2001 Looking for Omega or the full docs for it?   See the above links to 'The Underdogs' and the abandonware site.  Thanks to John Jenkins for the link!
10/28/2000 Yes, I still live.  Just caught a nasty case of Ultima Online so haven't done much with Omega.  However, have started work on a Team Tank, hopefully up soon.   
11/30/1998 Added Timothy Massey's Omega Page
05/26/1998 Added links to Rob Wilderspin's and Lincoln Yeoh's Omega Pages.
04/27/1998 New files added, request for information added to Other Links Section.
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12/25/1997 Added 'Big' Tank
11/23/1997 CCL Syntax Guide Added and updated Tiger and Tiger II tanks.

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I accept no responsibility for the files listed here, their contents, their suitability for any purpose or the consequences of their use. By downloading these files you accept all responsibility for their use and the consequences of that use. In plain English, if you download it and use it, you are on your own. :) Please report non-functional files and I will remove them.

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