Tournament Results


This window shows the results of the current tournament. If the tournament has not yet completed, partial results are shown. Two separate pages, Summary and Details, show the total results for all warriors and the results for each individual warrior, respectively. This window is resizable, as are each of the columns.






A warrior that dies during a battle receives a score of zero. Each survivor receives a score determined by the score formula. The default formula is (W*W – 1)/S, where W is the total number of warriors per matchup, and S is the number of surviving warriors. When W=2 (one-on-one battles), the score is 1 for a tie and 3 for a win. The score formula may be changed by clicking the Change button and entering a new expression, using the variables W (or w) and S (or s), plus any of the predefined variables (CORESIZE, etc).


Tournament Summary

This page shows the total results for each warrior in the tournament. For the Challenge tournament type, only the results for the challenging warrior are shown here. The Show Details button brings up the Tournament Details page (Challenge, Round Robin, and Benchmark only).


Tournament Details

This page shows how each of the opponents of a single warrior performed against it. For the Challenge tournament type, the table shows the results of each challenged warrior against the challenger. For Round Robin and Benchmark, the table shows the results of each opponent of the warrior selected in the drop-down box. The Show Summary button brings back the Summary page.


Saving Results

Click the Save button to store the results of the tournament to a text file.

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