About Breakpoints


A breakpoint may be set at any location in core. It consists of a set of conditions; when those conditions are satisfied on that line, execution will be halted. The following conditions may be specified:


Breakpoints can be set in source code using four compiler directives:


Breakpoints can also be set at runtime, from any Core View window, by clicking on the location number to the left of an instruction.


Each unique set of conditions defines a breakpoint type. There are two predefined types: Type 1 halts on Execute, is fixed, and has frequency 1 (E F 1). Type 2 is the same, but movable (E M 1). These two types may be set by a single mouse click in a Core View window. Any breakpoint defined at compile time, or using the Edit Breakpoint window, is given a custom type, greater than 2. The breakpoint type is shown in the Breakpoints dialog box. All breakpoints that are identical (created using the ;trace compile directive, or using the Fill Next option in the Edit Breakpoint window, or copied from a movable breakpoint) share the same type. The total number of different breakpoint types may not exceed 255.

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