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SECTION BRIEF - This section describes how to copy various data files from one disc to another.


The Data Duplication Module (DDM) lets you copy cybertank data files from one disc to another. You can copy cybertank AI designs, battlefields designs, capsule designs, simulation designs, and authorized cybertanks.
Select the DUPLICATION MODULE option from the DESIGN menu. Diagram 8.1 below illustrates the Duplication Module screen display.

Diagram 8.1 - Data Duplication Module (DDM)

The right side of the screen displays the categories of data files you can copy (TANK DESIGNS, BATTLEFIELDS, CAPSULES, SIMULATION DESIGNS, and TANKS).
Four selection buttons, DRIVE, CBTEGORY, SELECT, and DESTINATION, are located on the lower right section Of the display. The DRIVE button is used to select the active access slot (or disk drive). As the DRIUE button is selected, the name of the disc located in the active slot is displayed in the SOURCE field.
The CATEGORY button is used to step through the four data file categories. Once a category is selected, data files within that category (if any) are displayed in the left-middle portion of the screen. You cannot copy files from different categories in a single procedure.
To select a data file to copy (source filet, highlight it and choose the SELECT button. A “checkmark” is displayed to the left of a selected file. You can select multiple files within a category. To “deselect” a data file, highlight it, and the SELECT button will change to a DE-SELECT button. Simply select the DE-SELECT button to “deselect” the highlighted file.
Once you have selected the data file(s) you want to copy, you must identify a destination for those files. Select the DESTINATION button. Three new buttons, DRIVE, COPY and CANCEL. are displayed.
The DRIVE button is used to select the destination or target access slot for the copy procedure. Select the DRIVE button until the desired disc name is displayed in the DESTINATION field at the upper left of the screen.
To begin the duplication procedure, select the COPY button. Various status messages will appear in the lower-left area of the screen labeled INFORMATION. These messages giue you specific instructions (if needed) for completing the duplication process.
The CANCEL button is used to abort the duplication process and return to the data file selection process.
To exit the DDM and return to the ECM, select the EXIT DUPLICATOR option from the DUPLICATION menu.

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