SECTION BRIEF - During operation of the OSI/CACD System 2, problems can occur during disc access. Some of these are easily rectified.


The File Retrieval Panel (FRP) lets you select files to be loaded from a specified disc. The File Not Found error is often encountered when you are retrieving a data file from a disc and, for some reason, the disc was removed from the access slot.
To avoid this error, simply keep the disc containing the data file in the access riot. The disc may be removed after the OSI/CACD system has retrieved the specified data file.
The File Termination Panel (FTP) may produce this same error if, under the similar circumstances, it is unable to delete a specified data file.


This error occurs when the OSI/CACD tries to save a data file to a write protected disc via the File Storage Panel (FSP). Most discs have write protect features to prevent information being written to them. If a disc is indeed write Protected, the OSI/CACD is unable to save any data to the disc and this error message is displayed.
All 5 t/4 inch discs have a small notch in the right side. If the notch is covered, the disc is write protected. If the notch is uncovered, the disc is not write protected and information can be written to it. To avoid the Disc Write protected error , simply remove the material that is covering the notch.
All 3 1/2 inch discs have a write protect tab built in the upper right-hand corner of the reverse side. If the tab is moved and unblocks the hole, the disc is write protected. If the tab is moved to block the hole, the disc is not write protected and information can be written to it. To avoid the Disc Write Protected error, simply move the tab so that it blocks the hole.


All discs are limited in the amount of data they can store. If your disc is at its maximum capacity and you instruct the OSI/CACD to save another data file via the File Storage Panel (FSP), this error message will appear. Once your disc is full, you can delete some information to provide space. Use the File Termination Panel (FTP) to delete specific data files from the disc.
The disc Full error can become a recurring problem since most discs have a rather small capacity. The solution below may help.
The FSP can save a file to any disc (not only to Your Employee ID Disc). Saving data files onto several discs can alleviate later problems. For instance, you may want to save cybertank designs on one disc, battlefield designs on another, etc. Remember, the Combat Simulation Module requires that the battle field and all cybertanks in a simulation design reside on the same disc, resulting in the development of the Data Duplication Module (DDM).
The DDM lets you copy data files from one disc to another. Using the DDM, you can copy those data files you are currently using onto your ID Disc, leaving unused data files on other discs, commonly referred to as backup discs.


The Disc Malfunction error message is displayed when an unknown problem prevents the OSI/CACD System 2 from accessing a disc. Due to the many circumstances that can create this error, only the most likely causes are listed.
If the disc is removed from the access slot during a load, save, or delete the OSI/CACD is unable to complete the procedure and only a portion of the data is processed. The OSI/CACD cannot perform correctly with a partially processed data file.
If this error message occurs when retrieving a data file, that data file is usually lost. This is the main reason that backup copies of data files are necessary. Backing up data files is easy using the Data Duplication Module (DDM). While losing a data file in the above manner is unlikely , it happens on occasion.

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