SECTION BRIEF - OSI is a high-security complex. Procedures have been implemented to prevent unauthorized entrance into the OSI Complex and unauthorized access to cybertank designs.


In order to verify employment, you must enter the correct password for the Employee ID Disc being used. Failure to enter the correct password prompts a Security Breach alarm and informs the guards at the OSI Security Gate. This prevents the use of stolen ID discs to gain entrance to the OSI complex. If you forget your password when using your own ID Disc, you will be denied entrance into the OSI Complex. The Orientation Guide details password security.
Being denied access to the OSI Complex is an unfortunate circumstance, but it cannot be corrected unless you identify the correct password. Although the information on your ID Disc can be copied onto another using the Data Duplication Module (DDM), your clearance level is lost.


Cybertank design protection is a high priority at OSI. Security leaks must be avoided. When an employee creates a new cybertank design, the password used for the Employee ID Disc is incorporated into the cybertank design. Only employees with knowledge of the correct password can access that design.

NOTE: If an employee does not identify a password for the ID Disc, then designs created by that employee are not password protected. Those designs are accessible without a password.

In the Design Control Module (DCM), any cybertank design can be loaded from any disc. The design selected is inspected to ensure it has been properly authorized by OSI. If the passwords On the ID Disc and cybertank design do not match, the Security Breach alarm is then sounded.
Note that cybertanks created by other employees can also be used in simulations.
To obtain authorization when the passwords do not match, the designer can duplicate the design using the Data Duplication Module (DDM). The DDM removes the password from the cybertank design and it is now accessible by all employees. If an employee other than the designer trys to duplicate a protected design, the Security Breach alarm will sound. Only the designer can duplicate a protected cybertank design.

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