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1.1 Interface Devices

The OSI/CACD System 2 incorporates the latest in human interface technology. The system is designed to work efficiently when using a mouse, joystick or keyboard interface.

1.2 The Pointer

The pointer is a hand-shaped object that is moved about the screen with a mouse, joystick or keyboard. It is used to point at items you wish to select.

1.3 Clicking

Selections are often made by moving the pointer to the desired object or option, then pressing and releasing the button. This is referred to as clicking. The same can be done with the keyboard by moving the pointer to the desired object or option and pressing the Enter key.

1.4 Dragging

Another method of designating choices is by dragging. To drag, place the pointer over the desired object then press and hold the button while moving the pointer to another location. Releasing the button completes the drag.

1.5 Pull-Down Menus

Along the top of the screen is the menu bar. To pull down a menu, place the pointer over the menu title and press and hold the button. This reveals a list of menu items. To select an option, drag the pointer down the list. As the pointer passes over each menu item, it is highlighted when the desired item is highlighted, release the button to select it.
If you are using the keyboard, press the ESC key to activate the menu bar. The left and right arrows select the previous and next menu respectively. The up and down arrows select the previous and next menu item respectively. Press the RETURN key to select the highlighted menu item. Dimmed items are not selectable. Press the ESC key to deactivate the menu bar and abort any selection.

1.6 Dimmed Items

Occasionally, some menu items will appear leas distinct than others. These less distinct items are referred to as dimmed. Dimmed items cannot be selected.

1.7 Special Control Keys

To perform various actions, you will often be told to use a special key. For your particular terminal type, the keys are as follows:
RETURN -Return
TAB -Tab
DELETE -Backspace
CTRL-Q -Exit Current Module/Exit Omega

1.8 Using the ESC Key

Throughout the OSI/CACD System 2, the ESC key is used to move the pointer to various sections of the display. If there are multiple groups of items on the display then the ESC key should be used to move the pointer to the desired section. Only when the pointer is pointing to a section can other keys be used to select individual items within the section.

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