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4.1.1 Category Selection Keys

Up Arrow -Selects the previous category
Down Arrow -Selects the following category
RETURN -Selects the highlighted category
Left Arrow -Moves to the Component Selection Area.

4.1.2 Component Selection Keys

Up Arrow -Highlights the previous component
Down Arrow -Highlights the following component
RETURN -Selects the highlighted component
Right Arrow -Moves to the Category Selection Area

4.1.3 Mouse/Joystick

Clicking on a category or component button selects that particular category or component.


NOTE: The ESC key acts as the area control key. When the AI Module is entered, the area control key is pointing to the Edit window. Press ESC to activate the menu bar. Press again to activate the CP.

4.2.1 Insertion Cursor Control Keys

Left Arrow -Moves insertion cursor left one character
Right Arrow -Moves insertion cursor right one character
Up Arrow -Moves Insertion cursor up one line
Down Arrow -Moves insertion cursor down one line
PgUp -Moves insertion cursor up one page
PgDn -Moves insertion cursor down one page
Home -Moves Insertion cursor to top of text
End -Moves insertion cursor to bottom of text

4.2.2 Text Selection Keys

Ctrl-S -Toggles selection mode on/off
With selection mode on, the insertion pointer control keys select and deselect text. With selection mode off, all selected text is deselected.

4.2.3 Text Editing Keys

Backspace -Deletes either current text selection or one character left of insertion point
CTRL-X -Deletes (cuts) current text selection and places the selection into temporary storage
CTRL-C -Copies current text selection into temporary storage without removing it from current text
CTRL-V -Pastes the text currently in temporary storage if any) at the insertion pointer.
CTRL-Z -Undoes the last operation

4.2.4 CCL Construction Panel Keys

When using the keyboard in the AI Module, the Construction Panel (CP) is normally nonfunctional. Use the ESC key to move the pointer between the Editor and the CP.
ESC -CONNECT key to toggle between the AI Editor, the CP, and the menu bar
Left Arrow -Highlight the plaque left of current selection
Right Arrow -Highlight the plaque right of current selection
Up Arrow -Highlight the plaque above current selection
Down Arrow -Highlight the plaque below cm-rent selection
RETURN -Selects the currently highlighted plaque
When entering labels or variables in the construction panel, Backspace deletes the character to the left of the insertion cursor.

4.2.5 Mouse/Joystick

Clicking anywhere inside the Edit Window moves the insertion cursor to that location. Use the scroll bar to scroll text in the appropriate direction. Drag the mouse or joystick anywhere inside the Edit Window to select text.
When using the mouse or Joystick the Construction Panel (CP) is attached to the AI Editor and both can be used simultaneously. Clicking on the plaques in the CP selects that plaque. Clicking on the partially formed command (at the top of the CP) backs up to the previous plaque selections.

4.2.6 Search/Replace

To locate a specific word in your Cybertank’s AI, place the Insertion Cursor at the beginning of your AI and select the SEARCH plaque from the CP. Enter the word you wish to locate and select the SEARCH button. If no occurrences of the specified word were found, the IC will remain at the beginning of your AI. If an occurrence was found the word will be highlighted and the following buttons displayed:
REPLACE WITH -Used to replace the highlighted word with text entered after the prompt
NEXT -Locate the next occurrence of the word specified for the search
DONE -Abandon the search and return to AI Editor.
Selecting REPLACE WITH displays the following choices.
DO ALL -Replaces all occurrences of the specified word with the replacement text
DO ONE -Replaces the current occurrence of the specified word with the replacement text.
SKIP -Locate the next occurrence of the specified word without changing the currently highlighted word
DONE -Abandon the search and return to AI Editor.
When you have finished using Search/Replace and are ready to return to the AI Editor, select the DONE button.


4.3.1 Button Selection Keys

Left Arrow -Highlights the previous button on console
Right Arrow -Highlights the next button on console
RETURN -Selects the highlighted button on console

4.3.2 Mouse/Joystick

Click on the buttons to select.

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