Perhaps the most compelling difference between everyday hill play and a corewar tournament is the shift of emphasis. The overall performance of a player increases in importance while that of individual warriors lessens. With this in mind I decided to organise a tournament.

Prizes are to be awarded in a variety of categories which will include best overall, best newcomer and best performance in a single round.

The tournament will have 5 rounds. A player's total tournament score will be the sum of his (or her) highest 4 scores from individual rounds.

Good Luck!


Round 1 - tiny core - The opening round takes place in the tiny core. WingShot T takes first place for Ben Ford, a fraction of a point ahead of Dave Hillis's Evolving Threat.

Round 2 - big LP no-pspace - The second round takes place in a coresize of 55440. Processes are limited to 8 and p-space is not allowed. Janeczek's FragPaper has top spot followed by Gunnell's Hov Test.

Round 3 - '88 extended cycles - In round three, warriors compete using '88 standard redcode. The number of cycles until declaring a tie is increased to 800000 and the number of points for a win are doubled. Janeczek takes first place with Quicksilver '88 while Wainwright takes second.

Round 4 - restricted length - The penultimate round reduces the maximum warrior length to 50 to discourage complex p-spacers and qscans. Ben Ford takes first place with a oneshot - Geist v0.1 with Michal Janeczek in a close second place.

Round 5 - tri-athelon - In the final joust of the tournament warriors play multi-warrior, round-robin, and against a benchmark. Gunnell takes first place in the multi-warrior and round-robin. Against the benchmark, Janeczek's Commander Heliotornado achieves an impressive 48 point lead.


Finally, we have the Spring / Summer 2002 results. For those players who took part in all 5 rounds, only the highest 4 results count toward the final score:

1Michal Janeczek93.3100.0100.098.6273.8665.7572.4
2Steve Gunnell91.085.082.496.2261.8616.4534.0
3Philip Thorne75.568.072.789.0251.1556.3488.3
4Ben Ford100.074.475.1100.0209.1558.6484.2
5Simon Wainwright79.171.589.179.0205.1523.8452.3
6Lukasz Grabun81.3.67.670.7214.7434.3434.3
7Dave Hillis99.984.387.387.7139.4498.6414.3
8Roy Van Rijn...92.8231.0323.8323.8
9Christian Schmidt...90.7226.4317.1317.1
10German Labarga...60.0226.7286.7286.7
11Robert Macrae89.761.0...150.7150.7
12Sascha Zapf....139.8139.8139.8
13Winston Featherly-Bean72.947.3...120.2120.2
14David Moore.51.463.6..115.0115.0
15Martin Ankerl88.2....88.288.2
16Ken Espiritu..86.3..86.386.3
17Leonardo H. Liporati84.3....84.384.3
19Arek Paterek66.0....66.066.0
20Paul Drake61.9....61.961.9
23Darek L....

So, the overall winner is Michal Janeczek, who wins the International Money Order for $100 (US). The best performance in an individual round also goes to Michal, for FragPaper in the BigLP round. The highest ranking tournament newcomer is Philip Thorne, in 3rd place. Congratulations to everyone who has taken part.