Round 1 - The Standard '94 Draft Round

Round 1 is a gentle opener to the tournament using the same parameters as the '94 draft hill. Each entry will fight each other entry. There will be no self-fights.

The deadline for this round is 00:00:00 Friday 6th November 1998.

Round 1 Hints

Aggressive warriors should do best. Imp/Papers and Imp/Stones will probably not be as good as on the hill. The key in a tournament is not to aim for durability but to score as high as possible in a particular round. However, as you don't know which opponents to expect, it might be wise to be adaptable.

I expect to see more scanners than on the hill. One shots may be successful as it is not possible to optimise against them in the same way as is possible on the hill. The predominant strategy will almost certainly be 'p-spacer' to account for the unpredictability of the opponents.

Round 1 Parameters

Core Size -s 8000 Max Processes -p 8000
Cycles Until Tie -c 80000 Max Warrior Length -l 100
Minimum Distance -d 100 Instruction Set '94 Draft
Rounds Fought -r 200 Scoring System Win 3 points
Tie 1 point
pmars -r 200 warrior1 warrior2