Round 5 - The MultiWarrior Round

Round 5 involves writing four warriors for combat in a multiwarrior setting. Each set of four warriors will fight 500 rounds against every other set. The two sets will be joined by two additional warriors for a total of ten warriors in the core. The additional two warriors are Implication by me and D-Clear II by Bjoern Guenzel.

The scoring system is as on the current multi-warrior hill - one point for a warrior when it is the sole survivor, zero otherwise. The competitors will accumulate the score of their most successful warrior in each round. This top score may be attributed to different warriors in each round.

The deadline for this round is 00:00:00 Friday 18th December 1998.

Round 5 Hints

The most successful authors will probably be those who submit a team of co-operating, aggressive warriors. An additional imp/paper will probably not score too well - it would tie too much with Implication. It might be worth submitting one anyway in case your opponent figures a way to cream Implication and leave his imp/paper as the only survivor. Or perhaps not :-) Consider vamping and suicide for approaches to teamwork and remember, only your best score counts for each round.

Round 5 Parameters

Core Size -s 8000 Max Processes -p 8000
Cycles Until Tie -c 80000 Max Warrior Length -l 100
Minimum Distance -d 100 Instruction Set '94 Draft
Rounds Fought -r 500 Scoring System -= (S==1)
pmars -r 500 -= (S==1) a1 .. a4 b1 .. b4 implic.txt dcl.txt