Round 3 - Battle the Grey Warrior

Fighting a white warrior, a warrior whose code is known, is a standard challenge in corewar tournaments. The name presumably stems from the same place as the term white box (in enginnering). A white box is the opposite of a black box. A black box is a system you know nothing about but the inputs and outputs - quite similar to an entry on the standard hills.

Round 3 is a fight against a grey warrior. Much is known about my grey warrior but you don't have an exact copy of the source code. Is it still possible to effectively combat a warrior with some variance?

My grey warrior consists of three components - a paper, a stone and an imp-launcher. I may put one or several processes in each component. I will not include a QScan but I may include a decoy maker.

  • Download the round 3 components here
  • Download the grey warrior here
;name Benj's Revenge paper
;author Robert Macrae

len     EQU 9
fcp     EQU 3039
scp     EQU 2365
tcp     EQU 777

boot	spl	1,	>-3000    ; 7 processes replace 9 in CCPaper
	spl	1,	<-3200    ; for cost of extra Mov in launcher.
	mov	-1,	0

frog    spl	@0,	-1
        mov	}-2,	>-2
        spl	@0,	-1
        spl	@0,	-1
        mov	2,	<-fcp+len+1   ; Wipe uncle.
        jmp	-1,	<-10
        dat	<2667,	<2667*2

;redcode-94m quiet
;name Die Hard
;author P.Kline
;strategy Imp-Launcher

cs	spl.b	#0,		<-700
	spl.b	imp+5334,	<1
	spl.b	imp+2667,	<-1000
imp	mov.i	#2667,		*0

;name Modified Carbonite
;author Attributed to Ian Sutton and Anton Marsden
;strategy Fast-splitting stone
;assert 1

carbon	spl	#0,	#0
	spl	#0,	<-1151+3
	mov	197,	cad-(197*3500)
cad	add.ab	{0,	}0
	djn.f	-2,	<-1151
cbmb	dat	>-1,	>1

Round 3 Parameters

Core Size -s 8000 Max Processes -p 8000
Cycles Until Tie -c 80000 Max Warrior Length -l 100
Minimum Distance -d 100 Instruction Set '94 Draft
Rounds Fought -r 500 Scoring System Win 3 points
Tie 1 point
pmars -r 500