Round 8 - Skewed Coresize (Final) Round

Round 8 is back to the parameters of the draft hill with two small twists. Firstly, the coresize is now 8001 and secondly the process limit is 64. Using these parameters means it is not so beneficial to take an existing warrior from Planar's archive and use it as is.

I considered using a prime coresize for this round but rejected the idea as I thought it would make imps too strong. It has since been pointed out that I could have reduced the process limit still further to weaken imps. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Round 8 Hints

Several hints were received for this round. Most pointed out mod-3 and mod-7 were available for use and the possible imp numbers.

Round 8 Parameters

Core Size -s 8001 Max Processes -p 64
Cycles Until Tie -c 80000 Max Warrior Length -l 100
Minimum Distance -d 100 Instruction Set '94 Draft
Rounds Fought -r 200 Scoring System -= (S==1)
pmars -r 200 -p 64 -s 8001