Round 2 - Tiny Death by Numbers

The parameters from round 2 are similar to those on the tiny hill at Pizza. However, I am banning the instruction modifier .i and the addressing mode #. This will prevent moving and bombing with real bombs. Papers and imps are therefore out.

After setting these parameters, it was pointed out that it would be incredibly difficult to kill a many processed warrior in the cycle limit without real bombs. I therefore extended the number of cycles before draw to 16, 000.

Round 2 Hints

Which warriors will be successful without .I and #?

Without .I warriors may not move a complete instruction. This means no booting and no 'real' bombs. Papers and imps are both gone. Scanners cannot see instructions with zero a and b fields and cannot stun what they find. This seems to indicate that a combination warrior will be safer - if you hit one part, the other may still kill the enemy. On the other hand, as you can't leave the original location a core-clear will hit both at the same time. Maybe it is possible to do some sort of self-repair by comparing two copies of a similar warrior. However, twenty instructions does not give a lot of space to play with.

Banning the # addressing mode is necessary to disallow indestructable warriors using a spl #0 or similar. A twenty spl 0,0 warrior will still be tough (and invisible) but possible to kill with luck occasionally. Building offense into this warrior by using incrementing/decrementing b-fields then makes it visible to scanners...

The best advice would seem to be to use large a-fields for your 'bombs' to kill an opponent faster. Does anyone else have any advice?

Round 2 Parameters

Core Size -s 800 Max Processes -p 800
Cycles Until Tie -c 16000 Max Warrior Length -l 20
Minimum Distance -d 20 Instruction Set '94 Draft
Rounds Fought -r 500 Scoring System Win 3 points
Tie 1 point
pmars -r 200 -p 800 -s 800 -c 16000 -l 20 -d 20
Other Details .i instruction modifier and # addressing mode are banned