Round 6 - Primordial Soup

Battle on the non-multiwarrior hills takes place in empty core - core initialised to dat 0, 0. (Q) Scanners have great advantage in such an environment. Round 6 sets core to non 0, 0 to try and remove this advantage. To prevent paper gaining too much advantage much of the core is set to NOP with a little SPL for variety. An example 'soup' warrior is presented below.

Each entry will fight each other round robin with no self fights. Accompanying the two combatants in core will be 14 500 instruction 'soup' warriors. In addition, although the maximum length for entries is 100 instructions I will surround the entered warriors with 400 instructions of NOP and SPL in a 9 to 1 ratio. I'm not going to mention the number of instructions before and after to avoid the possibility of someone using this information for a type of QScan.

The scoring is three points for a win and one for a tie. As the soup dies instantly, there should be at most two live warriors in core simultaneously. I experimented with live soup but this seemed to cripple paper more than I wished.

View an example soup here

The deadline for this round is 23:59:59 Thursday 4th January 1999.

Round 6 Hints

The warriors I expect to see are core-clears, imp/stones and bombers. In particular, I hope a warrior like Tornado can be successful in this round. It would be very effective against core-clears although perhaps heavy imp/stones would still be good enough to clobber it. If you can get a good paper working, with no scanners you should do well too. Good luck.

Round 6 Parameters

Core Size -s 8000 Max Processes -p 8000
Cycles Until Tie -c 80000 Max Warrior Length -l 500 (100)
Rounds Fought -r 200 Scoring System -= (S==1)
pmars -r 500 -= (S==1) war1 war2 soup1 soup2 .. soup14