The following are a list of "hills" for Corewar players. You can use these hills to practice before, during, or after the tournament, as well as test warriors. Note that the tournament will likely not use the standardized hill settings, so testing tournament code here will be harder. Check the resources page for optimizers that you can customize for specific round settings.

Also note that some of these hills are open source; your warrior code is publicly viewable...so don't submit anything to them that you don't want your opponents to see...or maybe that's a good misdirection tactic? Dumm dumm dumm!


Website: http://koth.org/koth.html
Info: 94 and 88 hills, large variety of settings. Generally more advanced with mostly standard core sizes (8000, 8192)...Closed source.


Website: http://sal.math.ualberta.ca/
Info: 94 hills, mostly more smaller hill sizes such as Tiny, Nano, etc. There's also a beginner hill. Closed source.


Website: http://ociw.edu/~birk/COREWAR/koenigstuhl.html
Info: Large selection of 94 hills, with an 88 hill, also. Very tough opponents, but other warriors' code is viewable. Open source.