Round 2

After our fun little first round, with a good variety of strategy for the strange mixture of settings, we'll do something to mark the occassion of June 6, 2006. I saw The Omen earlier, it was so-so. In honor of the date that's causing such a stir around the world, we'll be playing a round with plenty of sixes : ). Strategy is left up to the players. Hints are for suckers! As a side note, check out Wikipedia's page on the number 616.

Coresize: 666
Max. Processes: 6
Max. Cycles : 6666
Max. Code Length: 16
Min. Distance: 16
P-Space: Allowed, no restrictions

To make sure your code complies with these rules add these lines to your warrior:
;assert (CORESIZE==666) && (MAXPROCESSES==6)
;assert (MAXCYCLES==6666) && (MAXLENGTH==16)
;assert (MINDISTANCE==16)

To submit your warrior email me the code at Remember, deadline is Sunday, June 11th (23:59 PST...figure it out for your time zone). Good luck to all players!

For those in Loser's Bracket: Remember, a loss means you'll be eliminated! For those about to die, we salute you!

Round 2 Winner's Bracket

Heath VS Chip Wendell

Chip WSmooch70.427.22.4213.6

Inversed VS Fizmo

InversedOne Bullet Symphony42.847.210138.4
FizmoNo Risk, No Fun47.242.810151.6

Zul Nazdri VS Fluffy

Zul NazdriMini Kings38.425.236.4151.6
FluffyLimping away25.238.436.4112

Mizcu VS Roy Van Rijn

MizcuGerman Cheese50.8445.2157.6
Roy Van RijnKiss of Death4450.85.2137.2

Round 2 Loser's Bracket

elkauka VS Nenad


Neogryzor VS Mike Hale

NeogryzorThe One97.22.40.4292
Mike HaleMyB1tch2.497.20.47.6

S. Fernandes VS Sascha

SFno hope10000300

X-Man VS LAchi

LAchiTable Scan94.405.6288.8

Other Results

robin.txt (Winner: Neogryzor with The One!)

multi.txt (Winner: Roy Van Rijn with Kiss of Death!)

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