Links will help create, understand, and optimize code, strategy, and other areas of Corewar.

Redcode / Tutorials

The beginners' guide to Redcode - Great guide to Redcode by Ilmari Karonen.
Redcode 94 Reference - A handy reference guide to 94 syntax.
94 Redcode Standard Paper - Annotated 94 standard draft.
Dewdney's Articles - How Corewars began by A. K. Dewdney.
Corewarrior Articles - Corewarrior article repository by various authors.

Community - Corewar newsgroup. #corewars - IRC channel for Corewar players. Come visit us!

Simulators / Optimizers

pMars - Classic Unix/Windows core simmulator.
CoreWin - Windows core simulator with very nice interface by Chip Wendell.
fMars - The fastest core simulator program by Michal Janeczek.
PyCorewar - A super fast Python based core simulator (BETA version) by Fluffy.

optiMAX - Benchmarking program written in PERL by Sascha Zapf and Christian Schmidt.


Wilkies - Wilkies beginner benchmark by John Wilkinson (JKW == John?).
WilMoo - WilMoo intermediate benchmark by David Moore and John Wilkinson.
WilBez - Improved version of Wilkies benchmark by ?.
WilFiz - WilFiz Advanced benchmark by Fizmo.


Corewar Step Sizes - Paper explaining the mathematics of step sizes by Steven Morell.
Corewar Lexicon - Large list of strategy and terminology pages.
Corewar FAQ - A good list of FAQ for Corewar by Anton Marsden.