Round 3

I considered last round to be fairly easy, so I hope you enjoyed that while you could. In light of the stars (no pun intended), all the geminis are celebrating their birth around now, and it would be presumptious of us to assume that these same stars didn't affect our warriors.

In this round you will code a single warrior that will battle in two different cores. These cores will have differing sizes as well as process limits. All other core settings, such as length or cycles, follow standard 94nop settings. The use of MAXPROCESSES or CORESIZE variables within your code will result in disqualification. P-space will once again be allowed, but you must define PIN 10 (shared pspace) in your warrior.

Since this is a complicated round, I will offer some hints. The process limits will be complements of 16000. This means that if the limit for one round is 7999, the other will be 8001. If process count were 5000, the other would be 11000, and so on. Also, this gap will not differ by more than 5000. Coresize will be somewhere between 7950 and 8050. If there are any questions about this, email me.

Coresize: 7950-8050
Max. Processes: ?/?
Max. Cycles : 80000
Max. Code Length: 100
Min. Distance: 100
P-Space: Allowed, PIN 10

To make sure your code complies with these rules add these lines to your warrior:
;assert (MAXCYCLES==80000) && (MAXLENGTH==100)
;assert (MINDISTANCE==100)

Remember: DO NOT use CORESIZE/MAXPROCESSES and MAKE SURE to include PIN 10 in your warrior.

To submit your warrior email me the code at Remember, deadline is Sunday, June 18th (23:59 PST...figure it out for your time zone). Good luck to all players!

For those in Loser's Bracket: Remember, a loss means you'll be eliminated! For those about to die, we salute you!

Round 3 Winner's Bracket

Chip Wendell VS Fizmo

PlayerWarriorScoreRound ARound B
Chip WendellTricky Switcher458.4WinWin

Zul Nazdri VS Mizcu

PlayerWarriorScoreRound ARound B
MizcuLITD variant364.4WinWin

Round 3 Loser's Bracket

Heath VS Nenad

PlayerWarriorScoreRound ARound B

Neogryzor VS Inversed

PlayerWarriorScoreRound ARound B
NeogryzorDeadly fluffyness208.2WinWin
inversedSynthesis of Bvowkium Impoxide 7141.9------

Fluffy VS S. Fernandes

PlayerWarriorScoreRound ARound B
FluffyBunny Harmless Fluffy600WinWin

Roy Van Rijn VS LAchi

PlayerWarriorScoreRound ARound B
RoyThat Thing336WinWin
LAchiBinary Search182.4------

Other Results

robin_a.txt (Winner: Chip Wendell with Tricky Switcher!)

robin_b.txt (Winner: Nenad with ()()()!)

multi_a.txt (Winner: Inversed with Synthesis of Bvowkium Impoxide 7!)

multi_b.txt (Winner: Neogryzor with Deadly fluffyness!)

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