Round 5

Ah, the holidays are here. Well, at least for those of us in the USA : ). In any event, because I am majorly lame, this round's theme will be FIREWORKS. How the hell does this matter to your code? Simple: In addition to your code and your opponents code, there will be several "firework" warriors present in the core. Your objective is to win...but how easy will that be with explosions going off all around you? The firework warriors will be of varying strategies and strengths. The presence of firework code will be constant in all rounds (all matches will have the same group of enemies, 7 to be exact), but their code will remain closed source.

Coresize: 4000
Max. Processes: 4000
Max. Cycles : 40000
Max. Code Length: 50
Min. Distance: 50
P-Space: Enabled, no restrictions

To submit your warrior email me the code at Remember, deadline is Sunday, July 9nd (23:59 PST...figure it out for your time zone). Good luck to all players!

For those in Loser's Bracket: Remember, a loss means you'll be eliminated! For those about to die, we salute you!

Round 5 Winner's Bracket

Chip Wendell (Bye)

Round 5 Loser's Bracket

Other Results

robin.txt (Winner: Roy Van RIjn with Ministrom!)

multi.txt (Winner: Zul Nazdri with miniDefensive!)

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