Round 4

This round is generally simple. Tournament style rules with the exclusion of the SPL instruction and a mandatory code entry point:

wGo spl 1, 0
spl 1, 0
spl 1, 0
spl 1, 0
spl 1, 0
spl 1, 0
spl 1, 0
spl 1, 0
spl 1, 0
mov.i #0, {0

Coresize: 8192
Max. Processes: 512
Max. Cycles : 100000
Max. Code Length: 300
Min. Distance: 300
P-Space: Disabled

Remember: DO NOT use SPL.

To submit your warrior email me the code at Remember, deadline is Sunday, July 2nd (23:59 PST...figure it out for your time zone). Good luck to all players!

For those in Loser's Bracket: Remember, a loss means you'll be eliminated! For those about to die, we salute you!

Round 4 Winner's Bracket

Chip Wendell VS Mizcu

Chip WendellQuick Draw McGraw92.44.43.2280.4

Round 4 Loser's Bracket

Fizmo VS Zul Nazdri

Zul NazdriImp Army10000300

Neogryzor VS Nenad

NeogryzorStinky redecode5441.24.8166.8
NenadNoTime NoTime41.2544.8128.4

Roy Van Rijn VS Fluffy

Roy Van RijnLondon in tears62.43.234.4221.6

Other Results

robin.txt (Winner: Chip Wendell with Quick Draw McGraw!)

multi.txt (Winner: Neogryzor with Stinky redecode!)

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