The hills provide the battleground where Redcode programs compete for supremacy. Some are round robin, where warriors fight each other in one-on-one battles. Others are mêlée (multi-warrior) where all warriors battle simultaneously.

There are two main types of hill, KotH and infinite. KotH hills are a fixed size; after each submission the weakest warrior is pushed off. Warriors are never pushed off infinite hills, but all submissions are made public. The beginners' hill and multi-warrior hill are recommended for beginners.

KotH Tournaments

KOTH@SAL offers seven play by email hills - beginner, nano, tiny, limited process, fortress, 94t and tinylp.

To submit a warrior to a hill on KOTH@SAL, send your warrior to with the appropriate ;redcode header. For more details send an email containing @help or see SAL's help page.

Newton's Hills are aimed at evolved warriors, although the mixed hill also accepts hand-written programs. The hills are 94 evolved, tiny evolved and 94 mixed.

To submit a warrior to Newton's Hills, email your warrior to specifying which hill.

The Corewar Server is the longest running Corewar site, providing seven play by email hills - 94nop, 94 draft, multi-warrior, 88, 94x, icws and 94xm.

To submit to a hill, email your warrior to with the appropriate ;redcode header. For more details send an email containing ;help or check the hill information on Koth's Hill Standings page.

Infinite Hills

Koenigstuhl can be found on Christoph's page, a collection of ten infinite hills consisting entirely of published warriors.

To submit a warrior to Koenigstuhl, either post your warrior to, or send it directly to Christoph C Birk at with a subject of Koenigstuhl entry.

The infinite tiny and infinite nano hills are hosted on For more details take a look at the pages for the tiny hill and nano hill.

To submit a warrior to one of the hills, simply send your warrior to or publish in

Closed Hills

[Polish] PZPR is the home of Lukasz Adamowski's Polish hills, Arena Pojedynków (round robin) and Arena Bitewna (multi-warrior).

The Internet Pizza Server - the former home of the 94 draft, tiny, limited process and beginner hills.

Sourceforge Hills have six web submission hills, including one intended for evolved warriors only. Code for the warriors submitted to the hills is made available in the online archive.

El Kauka's page contains the Absolute Beginner Hill.

Mount Olympus is the original infinite hill, created by Planar.

The Corewar DynaHills use a ranking system similar to Japanese Sumo. The original DynaHill accepts unpublished submissions. The Infinite DynaHills contain published warriors. [last updated 19th March 2015]