nop: 24 June 1998 to 12 December 2000 Incomplete early results, covering a period of 658 challenges... Begins with a very young hill, Gemini Dream is the oldest warrior, age 27. After Gemini Dream perishes, The Fugitive, Vain and Boys are Back in Town 1.1 each take their turn as oldest before the title is claimed by Blacken.

nop: 12 December 2000 to 23 January 2002 We join the hill with Blacken already aged 565 and the oldest warrior on the hill. Over the next 500 challenges, the hill is dominated by Son of Vain, Quicksilver, Behemot and Inky. Blacken becomes the first warrior to reach the age of 1000.

nop: 23 January 2002 to 05 October 2002 Hazy Lazy ... again and Inky rule the hill. We see nPaper II and Behemot pass the age of 1000, before both are pushed from the hill. Blacken also perishes, at the respectable age of 1363. The title of oldest warrior is taken from Blacken first by nPaper II, then by Uninvited.

nop: 05 October 2002 to 24 January 2003 Reepicheep and Son of Vain vie for KotH. Uninvited and Son of Vain pass the age of 1000 - then Uninvited is pushed off, relinquishing it's claim of oldest warrior on the hill to Son of Vain.

nop: 24 January 2003 to 28 August 2003 Over the next 500 challenges, Toxic Spirit, Reepicheep and Recon 2 are most frequently seen on the hill top. Reepicheep joins the elite warriors, age 1000.

nop: 28 August 2003 to 11 April 2004 Devilstick holds first place most often, closely followed by King of Metal and Recon 2. Hazy Test 63 reaches the age of 1000 before leaving the hill, while Son of Vain becomes the third warrior in history to achieve the age of 2000. Reepicheep also leaves the hill.

nop: 11 April 2004 to 12 August 2005 Son of Vain perishes, at the record age of 2573. First Slime test 1.00, then HazyLazy C 11 become the youngest warrior since early 2000 to hold the title of oldest warrior. After HazyLazy C 11 leaves, Arrow becomes oldest. Hullabaloo and Arrow rule the hilltop.

nop: 18 August 2005 to 04 May 2006 Arrow leaves the hill. KryneLamiya, Shot to Nothing, HullabaTwo and Last Judgement each take their turn as oldest.

nop: 05 May 2006 to 15 Feb 2013 Monster_Human_Grunt, 4by2k and FL2b dominate the hill. Last Judgement is pushed off. Monster_Alien_Grunt takes the title of oldest on the hill.

nop: 17 Feb 2013 to 20 March 2014 Monster_Alien_Grunt leaves the hill and Monster_Human_Grunt takes over as the oldest warrior. The Art of CoreWar and FL2b rule the hill.

nop: 20 March 2014 to 24 May 2015.

nop: 24 May 2015 to 12 January 2016.

draft: 20 October 2002 to 05 May 2004 Follows Koth's draft hill since it's re-activation. Reepicheep, Combatra and Sunset rule the hill.

draft: 06 May 2004 to 13 March 2013

draft: 14 March 2013 to 24 November 2015

multi: 05 February 1999 to 09 February 2003 - An early log file of activity on the multi-warrior hill.

multi: 19 February 2003 to 29 December 2015

tiny: 05 November 2003 to 20 April 2015

94x big: 05 March 2003 to 29 December 2015

88: 29 March 2003 to 07 September 2015

icws: 04 June 2003 to 23 March 2015

pizza: 26 January 1999 to 05 February 1999 (7K) - Mutually hand-shaking warriors invade and destroy the hill as we once knew it... Ancient enemies perish together before the new enemy.

pizza: 26 January 1999 to 25 May 2001 - Incomplete results. The hill rises, phoenix-like from the ashes.

The logs can also be browsed online using the Corewar Wayback Machine.