Oldest Warrior Ever

Son of Vain by Ian Oversby and Joonas Pihlaja survived to a record age of 2573 before it was pushed from the '94nop hill in August 2004. Previously, the record had been held by Robert Macrae's Thermite II, which achieved its age of 2262 back in July 1996 on the '94 hill. Sphinx v2.8 by W. Mintardjo also lasted over 2000 challenges, reaching age 2102 on the '88 hill in September 1993.

Oldest King of the Hill

Son of Vain also holds the record for oldest KotH, after topping the '94nop hill in April 2004, aged 2431.

 1  35/ 25/ 40               Son of Vain      Oversby/Pihlaja     145    2431

Lowest Hill Rank from HoF Warrior

On the '94nop hill, Squire of Silkland is the only warrior to survive more than 100 challenges without claiming a position higher than 10th. Christian Schmidt's paper entered at 10th, then remained in the lower half of the hill until finally being ;killed, age 187.

Most Common Warrior Name

The word most frequently used in the name of warriors entering the hills is test, found in 36.93% of successful challenges. Also popular in warrior names are paper (3.97%), scan (2.43%), imp (1.57%), shot (1.21%) and dark (1.09%).

Least Losses on a Hill

When it arrived on Pizza's '94 hill in September 1995, Paul Kline's Die Hard lost just 30 rounds out of 2100, achieving a record low of 1.43% losses.

14  18/  1/ 81                  Die Hard              P.Kline     135       1

Highest Average Age

On 25 April, 2002 the average age of the warriors on the '94nop hill reached an all time high of 415.