#01 - Sunday 02 March 2003 An impromptu (and somewhat hectic) mini tournament organised on IRC. Competitors had just 15 minutes to create their warriors, which battle on an 80 cell 'Nano Hill'. Christian Schmidt's clear overcomes all opponents to emerge victor, with Roy taking second place.

#02 - Sunday 09 March 2003 Phil Thorne organises the second tournament, taking place within an 800 cell Tiny core. Entries are forbidden from containing values of either -1 or 1 in the compiled Redcode. Roy van Rijn claims the first two places, with his stone/imp and scanner.

#03 - Sunday 16 March 2003 The third IRC speed redcoding tournament is hosted by Roy van Rijn. Played in a standard 8000 cell core, entries may only contain values of either -1, 0 or 1 in the compiled Redcode. Phil Thorne's clear takes the #1 spot, closely followed by Mizcu.

#04 - Sunday 23 March 2003 The fourth Sunday tournament is arranged by Mizcu, in a super-tiny 20 cell core. Minimum distance between warriors is 10, so you know the exact location of your opponent. Phil Thorne and Jakub Kozisek share first place, both with a pair of parallel quick-bombers.

#05 - Sunday 30 March 2003 Christian Schmidt organises the fifth tournament, which takes place in an 800 cell Tiny core. Entries are not allowed to use the addressing modes { } < >. Jakub Kozisek's one-shot takes first place, followed by another one-shot, from Roy van Rijn.

#06 - Sunday 06 April 2003 The sixth weekly IRC tournament is hosted by Paul V-Khoung. Coresize is a small prime, 211. Competitors have to choose a sub-sequence of up to 20 opcodes from a sequence of 50 and create their warrior using these. Schmidt wins with a tiny core-clear, xXx, closely followed by Metcalf and Varfar, also with clears.

#07 - Sunday 13 April 2003 For the seventh IRC tournament, Sascha Zapf places us in the 800 cell tiny core, with no conditional jumps, and restrictions on the use of spl and jmp. John Metcalf claims first place with his paper - the paper with no name. Second place goes to Jakub's one-shot.

#08 - Sunday 20 April 2003 Roy arranges this week's tournament, which takes place once again in the tiny 800 cell core. Warriors must also battle with their instructions reversed! John Metcalf's 29th minute warrior takes first place, followed by Fizmo's C.L.R.

#09 - Sunday 27 April 2003 The 9th Sunday tournament takes place in a 2520 cell core, with each battle being a multi-warrior fight between 3 warriors. The only permitted addressing modes are { } < >. Christian Schmidt's evolved warriors claim the first two places, with a very impressive lead.

#10 - Sunday 04 May 2003 Christian Schmidt arranges the 10th IRC tournament, and places us in the tiny core, with modifier .i and addressing mode # forbidden. John Metcalf's one-shot takes the #1 spot, closely followed by another one-shot, by Roy van Rijn.

#11 - Sunday 11 May 2003 Lukasz Grabun hosts the 11th contest within an 8192 cell core, under restricted '88 rules. John Metcalf claims the first two places with an imp spiral and a oneshot. Third and fourth places are taken by Jakub and Lukasz, also with spirals.

#12 - Sunday 18 May 2003 Philb arranges a grey warrior tournament in which we have to score as well as possible against an unknown warrior which resides between ranks 50-100 on Koenigstuhl's '94nop hill. Roy takes the #1 spot, followed by Fizmo and David Houston.

#13 - Sunday 25 May 2003 John Metcalf hosts a multi-warrior limited-process tournament in a 2520 cell core. Imps are banned! Lukasz Adamowski emerges from the affray as victor with an incredible 45% lead over 2nd place, which goes to Roy.

#14 - Sunday 01 June 2003 The 14th tournament is organised by Christian Schmidt, in the 800 cell tiny core. The use of sne, seq and cmp is banned. John Metcalf claims first place, closely followed by Jakub Kozisek, both with oneshots.

#15 - Sunday 08 June 2003 Lukasz Grabun challenges us to defeat a white warrior - the Skew Dwarf from Recycled Bits, without using the spl instruction. John Metcalf takes the first two places, followed by Roy and Will.

#16 - Sunday 15 June 2003 Roy provides us with a skeleton warrior containing 3 simple components, and challenges us to write the most effective p-switcher. Nightmare Switcher! holds the top spot for John Metcalf, followed Lukasz Adamowski's Russian Roulette.

#17 - Sunday 22 June 2003 John Metcalf divides competitors into two teams, each posed different restrictions. The teams draw equal, so the result is all down to a one-on-one battle between the team champions, Mizcu and Roy.

#18 - Sunday 29 June 2003 We are challenged by Phil Thorne to a multi-warrior battle against two warriors, one known, the other unknown. Roy van Rijn takes first place, with his anti-imp paper.

#19 - Sunday 06 July 2003 For the 19th tournament, Christian Schmidt places us in a tiny core with limited read / write distances. David Houston's paper finishes in first place, closely followed by Will Varfar's imp.

#20 - Sunday 13 July 2003 Lukasz Adamowski divides competitor's into two groups. Players take turns to add another line to a warrior, but are only able to see the instruction directly above the one they are adding! Fizmo, Philb and Will Varfa take the victory, as Team B.

#21 - Sunday 27 July 2003 Redcoders each create a component for a two way p-spacer, not knowing who Fizmo has chosen for their partner. Hurkyl and Michal take first place.

#22 - Sunday 03 August 2003 Michal implements a scoring system which really punishes ties: 1 point for a win, 0 points for a loss, -1 point for a tie. David Houston's table-based one-shot claims the top spot, with an incredible 68% lead over 2nd place.

#23 - Sunday 10 August 2003 Christian Schmidt arranges a single elimination tournament in the standard 8000 cell core. The two finalists David Houston and Mizcu do battle, with David being declared winner.

#24 - Sunday 17 August 2003 The 24th contest is a battle against a white warrior in a limited process core. The white warrior is Gelatinous Blob and Lukasz Grabun's scanner LP-mHSA take first place, followed by Roy van Rijn's Solo LP.

#25 - Sunday 24 August 2003 Lukasz Adamowski places us in core with our opponent and a suicidal flag warrior. The aim is to capture the flag to ensure it survives, and if the opponent can be disposed of too, even better. David Houston claims first place.

#26 - Sunday 31 August 2003 Michal Janeczek challenges us to first write warriors to compete in a 6000 cell core, then to write a second warrior after the source code for the first entries had been published. Once again, David Houston claims first place.

#27 - Sunday 07 September 2003 Lukasz Adamowski organises a multi-warrior battle, with the core settings being the average of each player's chosen values. Roy van Rijn's 2k Killer takes the number one spot.

#28 - Sunday 05 October 2003 The 28th mini tournament is hosted by Christian Schmidt, who battles us against a white warrior. The aim is to tie as often as possible against a HSA-style scanner. David Houston's evil little imp wins, the only entry with 100% ties.